How to make good use of this glossary

Type 'help' for a list of relevant categories (fields within economics). Type the name of a field (like labor, history, or macro) to see the terms indexed under that name. The 'Random Search' option exists just so you can quickly see what kind of definitions are in here.

In the search box, use ? as a wild card character for any other character, e.g. econo??trics will find 'econometrics'. Similarly use * as a wild card for any series of characters; e.g. dickey* finds 'dickey-fuller test'. I use this a lot; one wouldn't want to write out the full term, especially if it might be stored under a different name (e.g., a search for 'Dickey-Fuller statistic' comes up empty).

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You can download the 'content' if you wish. It's 400K. I don't find it useful in that form, but you are welcome to take a copy.

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